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Large Boatcatch with Mounting Kit


  • Generally used for 6-12m boats
  • Wider jaw opening for easier retrieval alignment
  • Suits heavier boats and larger trailers
  • This purchase is a kit that includes mounts, bolts and other hardware

The large coupling is best used on boat with an on water weight up to an 8 tonne maximum (couplings may be used on applications over this weight at the owners own discretion and risk, or talk to us and we can explain).

To relate this to approximate boat lengths; large couplings may be fitted to vessels ranging from 6 metres and up to those near 10 metres. If your boat is under this size then you may want to look at using the small Boatcatch.


Boatcatch was invented by Greg Staples.
Greg is a mechanic engineer who has also been a Southern Ocean commercial abalone diver for 35 years. Greg launches and retrieves his 7 meter trailer boats over 100 times every year. His experience allowed him to design the ultimate launch and retrieve tool.

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