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Purchasing your Boatcatch™

The length of the vessel is not so much a factor when choosing the size of your Boatcatch, the weight of the boat is more critical. It is suggested that the small coupling is used on boat with on water weight from 300kgs up to 1.5 tonne. Any greater than this and you should use the large boatcatch

The small coupling comes with a galvanized mounting arm that bolts around trailer bow posts that are between 50mm and 75mm wide, and the large boatcatch fits on bow posts between 60mm and 100mm wide. If your post is different just ask us and we may have something to help.

Note: Occasionally people choose to disregard the mounting components and adapt the coupling to the trailer by other means. Should you wish to make a custom mounting, our coupling has a flat 4 bolt flange that is very simple to mount onto.

Remote Australian and International Purchases

(Boatcatch Australia DOES NOT ship to New Zealand - Go to our dealers to purchase direct. Purchase the products below if you live outside Australia or in remote Australian locations i.e. postcodes NT 0800-0886 or QLD 4675-4895 or WA 6216-6799

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