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Boatcatch™ is a unique coupling device that allows you to quickly and efficiently launch or retrieve your boat onto its trailer without setting foot on the ramp.

It vastly reduces the dangers, wasted time and stress inherent in traditional launch and retrieval methods. It’s made of high strength, 100% marine grade, stainless steel, this very attractive and innovative product will revolutionise your launch and retrieval.

You can buy it online right now by following the links below and before you ask, yes we ship worldwide. Alternatively, you can also purchase it from our network of trusted dealers who are familiar with the installation process.

Marine Grade Steel

Quickly Launch & Retrieve

Lifetime Warranty

100% Positive Locking Mechanism

Standard Boatcatch

Small Boatcatch

$599* (AUD)

  • Generally used for 4 – 5.9m boats
  • Standard opening and pin size
  • Suits standard sized trailer boats
  • Comes as a kit with attachment inclusions
  • Shipped worldwide *(extra charges may apply for remote locations)

These couplings may be fitted to vessels ranging from the smallest of boats up to 5.9m (19ft) or less.

This is our standard model and there is nothing wrong with it’s performance. In fact it’s the most popular model. Some people choose the heavy duty option if their boat is particularly large or if their trailer requires the extra width in the opening.

Heavy Duty Boatcatch

Large Boatcatch

$849* (AUD)

  • Generally used for 6-12m boats
  • Wider opening for flexible retrieval alignments
  • Suits heavier boats and larger trailers
  • Comes as a kit with attachment inclusions
  • Shipped worldwide *(extra charges may apply for remote locations)

The large coupling is best used on boat with an on water weight of 8 tonne maximum (couplings may be used on applications over this weight at the owners own discretion and risk, or talk to us and we can explain).

To relate this to approximate boat lengths; large couplings may be fitted to vessels ranging from 6 metres and up to those near 10 metres. If your boat is under this size then you may want to look at using the small Boatcatch.

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