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Boatcatch featured in Fishing Monthly magazine

All trailer beds are suitable for drive off and so the Boatcatch will be a wonderful addition to your boating experience with the launch feature alone. Most boat trailers, especially modern designs are excellent for drive on boats. The thing to remember is; your boat has a “v” shape underneath.


Boatcatch featured in Western Angler Magazine

Designed by pro abalone diver Greg Staples, Boatcatch takes the hassle out of the launch and retrieval of trailerboats. When operator inexperience is combined with badly designed and slippery ramps and the pressure of a busy ramp, there is the chance of property damage and even personal injury.


Boatcatch featured in Trailer Boats Buyers Guide

On the market today there’s a vast array of great gear, gizmos and equipment avaliable to outfit yout new trallerboat. Let’s chek out some of the best of these products and services. When you buy a new boat package there is often a limit to what you can get fitted…


Boatcatch featured in Trailerboat Fisherman Magazine

A brilliant Australian invention that makes trailer boaties lives’ easier is making its name in America – TBF staff report.


Trailer Boat Magazine – What a Catch

How many times have you been frustrated by inexperienced boaters at a busy ramp, holding up the works with inappropriate boat trailers and techniques? Even with a good, modern drive-on trailer, the singlehanded operator can cause enormous frustration by not being properly equipped. A Boatcatch is the answer to all of those launching and retrieving woes.

New Owners Manual Released

We sometimes get questions about how to install the Boatcatch and other questions. Because we are always improving the product and the way we recommend for it to be installed we’ve just finished drafting a new owners manual for everyone’s convenience.

Click here to download the new PDF

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