How to launch your boat from a boat ramp

Follow these easy steps

Boating is a beautiful activity for friends and families to enjoy wonderful time together. Whatever the occasion is to go sailing, fishing, water- skiing and more, it is important to know the boat ramp etiquette to ensure safety and consideration to other ramp users.
Here are the few tips:




When you arrive at the boat ramp


1. Properly park in an area where you are not blocking others.
2. Take off all the things you want to carry at the boat with you and place them neatly inside the boat.
3. Make sure to keep things clear of where the driver need to stand or walk.
4. Turn the master battery switch on if necessary.
5. Remember to pump the fuel bulb to get fuel to the engine.


Adjusting your trailer for launching


1. Detach the cable that powers the tail tamps to prevent bulb failure during the immersion.
2. Remove the tie-down straps to secure the boats transom to the trailer.
3. Unhook the strap that connects the boat’s bow to the winch mechanism and reel in that strap to secure the hook and it won’t drag on the ground after launching the boat.


Backing your trailer down the ramp


It would be very helpful if you have a back-up camera to certainly make the job real easy but it is not a necessity. Turning your hands to the right or left direction will be followed by the trailer. Make sure to keep the bit tiny to straighten the trailer and head to the right direction and when you pull up to the ramp, swing wide and far enough forward to properly align the truck and trailer. When in doubt, pull forward to straighten the trailer out.


Detaching the boat from the trailer


There are so many ways to get a boat off a trailer and some of them have a risk associated with them. The best way to detach a boat from the trailer is to literally hoist it up. Jacking can work too, but you have to do it many times and inch the boat off. If the transom is hanging past the trailer bunks, you can lift the whole stern in one shot with a floor jack. This leaves the bow to deal with. With the stern on the jack, you might get away with using the bow eye and a come along or engine hoist. This will let you move the trailer out in one shot.


Getting aboard and enjoying your boat


1. Move your vehicle into the line for launching.
2. Ensure to have life jackets ready if especially if you are travelling with children.
3. When it’s your turn, move to the ramp and reverse the trailer into the water.
4. Properly disconnect the safety chain, the winch brake, and push the vessel into the water using the bow rope to maintain control.


You could save yourself most of that trouble and install a Boatcatch on your trailer. What is a Boatcatch? Click here to view some videos.

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