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The project boat was also fitted with a handy launching accessory

How many times have you been frustrated by inexperienced boaters at a busy ramp, holding up the works with inappropriate boat trailers and techniques? Even with a good, modern drive-on trailer, the singlehanded operator can cause enormous frustration by not being properly equipped. A Boatcatch is the answer to all of those launching and retrieving woes.

A simple and sturdy device, the Boatcatch is a spring-loaded catch with a solid marine-grade stainless steel construction that fits easily to almost any boat and trailer combination. Its rugged construction should ensure you get many years of service, even in a harsh saltwater environment.

The levered catch allows full control over the launching and retrieval procedures. A strong sliding pin secures the boat on the trailer until the boat is in the water and the engine is started. A tug on a simple pull-cord releases the boat so the driver can depart. On return, simply drive up the trailer — the spring-loaded slide will automatically activate when the boat comes up to the winch post. Your boat is securely fastened while you either climb out of the boat (if on your own), or your boating buddy can fasten the winch strap and safety chain to drive away.

The Boatcatch comes from Greg Staples, an abalone diver who was sick and tired of boat ramp hassles. In his business, time on the water (or under it) means money, and every second saved at the ramp pays him a bonus.

Fitting one is relatively simple, requiring a simple bolt on the trailer’s winch post, plus the installation of a separate bow eye on the stem of the boat. Most handymen will find the fitting quick and easy; alternatively, your local dealer could do it for you.

The Boatcatch comes in two sizes, the smaller being for fibreglass boats up to 6m and aluminium up to 6.5m. The large unit can be used on vessels as small as 5m but can take a huge loading capacity of up to eight tonnes.

The Boatcatch website ( has full instructions as well as videos of the unit in action. It also offers recommendations, an FAQ section and an Australian dealer listing.

We have all experienced the frustrations of inefficient and often under-equipped operators holding up the boat ramp. It always seems to happen at the worst times. Boat Catch can make your boating life, and everything around you, simpler, more pleasurable and often much safer.


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