Boatcatch featured in Western Angler Magazine

Boatcatch featured in Western Angler Magazine

Designed by pro abalone diver Greg Staples, Boatcatch takes the hassle out of the launch and retrieval of trailerboats.

When operator inexperience is combined with badly designed and slippery ramps and the pressure of a busy ramp, there is the chance of property damage and even personal injury.

Launched five years ago, Boatcatch has proven to be the most ensuring launch/retrieve device on the market and its benefits include a quick, hassle free and safe launch and retrieve even when operating solo.

Boatcatch is able to be fitted to a variety of hulls including fibre-glass, allow and even multi-hull vessels within a couple of hours by anyone handy mechanically, and is manufactured from marine grade stainless steel.

The positive locking pin and eye bold and they key operating parts of the Boatcatch and are easily strong enough to hold even large hulls on a steep boat ramp without fear.

The system is also extremely simple in its operation and is available in two sizes for boats over or under six meters
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Over five years, Boatcatch has proved itself simple and effective.
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