Boatcatch featured in Trailer Boats Buyers Guide

Good Gear & Equipment

On the market today there’s a vast array of great gear, gizmos and equipment available to outfit your new trailerboat. Let’s check out some of the best of these products and services.

When you buy a new boat package there is often a limit to what you can get fitted at the dealer level. The fit-out and set up process will continue for some months after you take delivery of your new pride and joy.

For most people, this process of making a new boat “your own” is an enjoyable one. Fitting new gadgets, tinkering with this and that on the boat to get it “just right” is part of the boat ownership process. And, there’s no shortage of good gear and equipment that you can buy to make your boat just that bit better, easier to use, or more practical.


Boatcatch Quick Launcher

Thanks to Boatcatch, slipping and sliding on the boat ramp will be a thing of the past. It’s a unique coupling device that allows you to quickly and efficiently launch or retrieve your boat onto its trailer without setting foot on the boat ramp. Boatcatch reduces the danger and wasted time inherent in traditional launch and retrieval methods. You can quickly motor off and on, thereby eliminating the stress of holding up other boats.


news1With only three moving parts it requires little maintenance and being highly polished Boatcatch is an attractive accessory to any trailerboat.Australian designed and assembled, it’s available in two sizes – small for boats up to 6.0 m, and large for boats over 6.0 m. The device comes with a universal mounting bracket and a lifetime warranty. Boatcatch is available online or through most boating suppliers.

RRP: $440 (Smaller size) and $638 (Larger size).

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